River scene, Antalya - Turkey

Why Turkey?
Just three and a half hours away lies a land of sunshine, history, rivers, hospitable people, long lovely beaches: a stunning mixture of modern resorts and exotic eastern culture.

For centuries Turkey has been the gateway to the East, an important meeting point between Europe and Asia, a bridge between continents, a melting pot of cultures. It is secular, tolerant and friendly to the West – tourists in particular – and has a vigorous free-enterprise economy. The cuisine is to die for, the coastline a dream, and spectacular castles and mosques abound.

Why the southern Mediterranean coast?
Sunshine must come high on the list, an average of 300 sunny days a year. Alanya is an all year round resort, bustling and busy even through the Winter, with a strong local population. The local airport of Antalya is served by several airlines throughout the year. The beaches are backed by the majestic pine clad Tauros Mountains, crisscrossed with rivers and gorges. Alanya castle, 2,500 years old, surrounded on three sides by sheer cliffs, has 7 km of walls and over one hundred towers and is the most famous castle on Turkey’s Med coastline. The harbour is a delight, lined on one side by restaurants and café-bars, on the other by picturesque fishing boats and ‘gulets’ vying with each other to take you on a trip.

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